Fireplaces, chimneys and flues

6.8.19All – fireplace surrounds

Fireplace surrounds and their fixings shall be designed, specified and installed to ensure adequate in-service performance and durability.

The fixing and support should safely accommodate the proposed type of fireplace surround (which could be manufactured in one or a number of pieces), taking into account its size and weight. The walls and floors of the building should safely accommodate the additional load of the proposed fireplace surround.

Fireplace surrounds should be installed by competent operatives, strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and fixing specification, and fixed to the structure using mechanical fixings, giving full consideration to:

  • the type of material used to manufacture the surround
  • the configuration of the surround
  • the size and weight of the surround
  • the potential for overturning of the surround or parts thereof
  • the type of supporting walls and floors, including the structure (e.g. framed or solid structure) and its finish (e.g. wallboard or wet finish)
  • the type, material, number and location of fixings.

Fixings should be of durable material and be appropriate for the type of surround and the supporting wall or floor to which the surround is to be fixed. Fixings should generally be of stainless steel to BS EN ISO 3506 ‘Mechanical properties of corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners’ and be specified to provide suitable strength and durability. Materials that comply with recognised standards which provide equal or better performance are also acceptable.

Methods that rely solely on adhesive for fixing fireplace surrounds to the structure are not acceptable.

More information on the installation of all types of natural and artificial stone fireplace surrounds can be found in the Stone Federation Great Britain ‘Fireplace Surrounds’ data sheet (