Concrete and its reinforcement

3.1.2Provision of information

Designs and specifications shall be produced in a clearly understandable format, include all relevant information and be distributed to appropriate personnel.

Design and specification information should be issued to site supervisors, relevant specialist subcontractors and suppliers, and include the following information:

Ground aggressivity■ Design sulfate class (DS class).■ Aggressive chemical environment for
concrete class (ACEC Class).
Strength and durability■ Strength.

■ Maximum free water/cement ratio and/or
minimum cement content.

■ Consistence class (e.g. slump).
■ Air content (where required).

■ Aggregate size.

■ Colour.
Mix design and additional
protective measures (APM)
■ Specification of mix designs
(concrete strength class).
■ Details of any Additional
Protective Measures.
Reinforcement and
movement joints
■ Cover to reinforcement.

■ Reinforcement, plans, sections and bending schedules.

■ Reinforcement details at supporting edges.

■ Camber in beams and slabs, where appropriate.
■ Reinforcement around openings.

■ Drawings and bending schedules should
be prepared in accordance with BS 8666.

■ Movement joints.
Formwork■ Formwork materials and features.

■ Joints.
■ Mould release agents.

■ Holes for services.
Finishing treatments■ Concrete to be left untouched or with minimum finishing may require detailed formwork drawings indicating the position and detail of joints between shutters, corners and other critical
Testing■ Number and frequency of samples to be taken.

■ Test laboratory details.
■ Recording of results.
Curing and protection■ Requirements for curing and striking formwork.■ Minimum period for striking/removal of formwork, curing and protection.