Light steel framing

6.10.21Wall ties

Wall ties shall be suitable to connect the steel frame to the cladding.

Generally, wall ties should be:

  • in accordance with BS EN 845-1
  • fixed to the studs and not the sheathing
  • inclined away from the LSF
  • austenitic stainless steel and of a type which accommodates the differential movement between the LSF and the cladding, or assessed in accordance with Technical Requirement R3.

Wall ties for masonry cladding should be according to the design and:

  • installed at a minimum density of 3.7 ties/m2, e.g. spaced at a maximum of 600mm horizontally and 450mm vertically (except where alternative densities have been demonstrated by building specific calculation and accepted under the Stage 2 certificate)
  • spaced at jambs of openings, a maximum of 300mm vertically within 225mm of the masonry reveal (additional studs may be needed to achieve this)
  • kept clean and free from mortar droppings.