A consistent approach to finishes

9.1.8Fitted furniture

Fitted furniture shall have an appropriate appearance.

Fitted furniture, including doors and drawers, should:

  • be visually aligned (vertically, horizontally and in plan), and there should not be significant differences in level at the intersection of adjacent worktops
  • operate as intended by the manufacturer
  • have uniform gaps between adjacent doors and/or drawers where appropriate
  • not have conspicuous abrasions or scratches on factory-finished components when viewed in daylight from a distance of 0.5m

Also note:

  • No dimensional tolerance has been set for gaps between adjacent doors and/or drawers or for their alignment, because some variation will be necessary to take account of adjustments as part of the fitting process.
  • No dimensional tolerance has been set for the abutment of adjacent worktops due to the variety of materials available and because minor variations, even with manufactured products, are inevitable and small differences in height may be unavoidable.
  • Fitted furniture should be viewed from a distance of 0.5m.
  • Conspicuous surface abrasions caused during installation should be removed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, which may include filling, polishing out, respraying or painting as appropriate.
  • In rooms or areas where there is no daylight, scratches should be viewed in artificial light from fixed wall or ceiling outlets and not from portable equipment.
  • Kitchen units should not delaminate, including those located near hobs and extractor fans.