Finishes and fitments

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9.4.4Finishings and internal trim

Finishings and internal trim shall be suitable for their location and intended use, securely fixed, and finished to established standards of workmanship.

When fixing trim and components:

  • they should be in accordance with the specification
  • fireplace surrounds, panelling and features should be complete and suitably joined to the adjacent surfaces
  • nails should be punched below the surface of timber, and holes filled
  • damage should be avoided (where damage does occur, it should be made good).

Trim and finishings should be:

  • sufficiently wide to mask joints around built-in fitments, etc. allowing for movement and shrinkage
  • fixed in accordance with building regulations (e.g. with minimum separation distances where near heat sources)
  • selected and installed to give a neat appearance
  • installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Architraves should be:

  • parallel to frames and linings
  • accurately mitred, or scribed, to fit tightly and neatly
  • fixed with an equal margin to each frame member
  • securely fixed to prevent curling.

Skirting should:

  • be mitred and scribed at external and internal angles, as appropriate
  • tightly abut architraves
  • run level and scribed to floors.

Proprietary trim, skirting and architraves should be fixed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.