Light steel framing

6.10.14Behaviour in relation to fire

The home shall be designed to adequately address all critical performance issues.

Guidance within supporting documents to the building regulations should be fully considered in the design and construction of LSF walls, floors and roofs.

Detailing and specification of components should be in accordance with the steel frame manufacturer’s recommendations and/or guidance from SCI and supported with representative test evidence to appropriate standards such as BS 476:21 or BS EN 1365:1 for load-bearing walls, BS 476:22 or BS EN 1364:1 for infill walls and BS EN 1365:2 for floors.

The performance of specific details should be taken into account, including:

  • fire protection to the structure around openings
  • detailing of cavity barriers, including moisture protection to the barrier
  • detailing around service penetrations
  • compartmentation including interfaces with fire doors.