Pitched roofs

Also see:
Clause 7.2.15


Roof voids shall be provided with suitable access.

Access should:

  • be provided to the main roof space and voids which contain cisterns and tanks etc. though it is not required to roof spaces which contain only water pipes
  • permit the removal of permanent equipment (e.g. heating and ventilation plant) located in the roof space
  • have a minimum opening width of 520mm in each direction
  • not be located directly over stairs or in other hazardous locations
  • include securely fixed boarded walkways between the opening and the cistern or other permanent equipment; boarding should be securely fixed without compressing the insulation; at each piece of permanent equipment or cistern, a minimum 1m2 platform should be provided to facilitate maintenance.

Access hatches should be in accordance with Clause 7.2.15. Where an access hatch is required to provide fire resistance, the fire-resistance period should be supported by test evidence.