External masonry walls

6.1.2Provision of information

Designs and specifications shall be produced in a clearly understandable format, include all relevant information and be distributed to the appropriate personnel.

Designs and specifications should be issued to site supervisors, relevant specialist subcontractors and suppliers, and include the following information:

  • Construction materials
  • Wall layout with all dimensions shown
  • Position and size of openings
  • Wall layouts and elevations with dimensions shown
  • Coursing of bricks and blocks in relation to storey heights and opening positions
  • All junctions, indicating position of DPCs and cavity trays (isometric sketches are recommended for complicated junctions)
  • Position and type of lintels
  • Position of restraint straps
  • Cavity closers
  • Reveals
  • How support is given to other elements, e.g. padstones and wall plates
  • Movement joints
  • Acceptable methods of pointing or mortar joint finish
  • Type of insulant to be used
  • Type, spacing and location of wall ties.

Where proprietary products are to be used, manufacturers generally have specific requirements for fixing and/or assembly. This information should also be made available for reference on site so that work can be carried out satisfactorily in accordance with the design and specification.