Light steel framing

6.10.13Other design issues

The home shall be designed to adequately address all critical performance issues.

The designer should ensure that all critical performance issues listed in Table 7 are appropriately addressed.

Table 7: Critical performance issues requiring the designer’s consideration

Behaviour in relation to fire■ Compliance with building regulations
■ Internal linings
■ Fire stops and cavity barriers
■ Penetrations
Acoustic performance■ Compliance with building regulations
Moisture control, including thermal performance, condensation risk and water ingress■ Type, thickness and location of insulation material
■ Protection from water ingress at low levels
■ Condensation risk analysis and management of water vapour in the structure
Wall construction■ Acceptable claddings (see Chapter 6.9 ‘Curtain walling and cladding’)
■ Provision of cavity
■ Type of wall ties
■ Sheathing
Balconies, terraces and parapets■ Specific design considerations: structural design, durability, weather-tightness

Guidance for some of the performance issues listed in Table 7 may be included in the Stage 1 certificate.