Cold weather working

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3.2.2External conditions

Allowance shall be made for cold weather conditions during construction.

Work should be planned in advance, and account taken of site and climatic conditions either by:

  • stopping work, or
  • taking adequate precautions.

The following conditions should be considered when scheduling work:

  • Wind (this can create a cooling effect which can reduce temperatures further, i.e. affecting the curing of concrete and mortar).
  • Shade (in particular high trees or adjacent buildings can block low winter sun and reduce temperatures further).
  • Valleys (sites in valleys are susceptible to increased risk of frost).

Where air temperature is below, or likely to fall below, 2°C, work should not proceed unless the precautions detailed in this chapter are adopted.

A thermometer should be sited in the shade and used to indicate if temperatures are rising or falling.