Floor finishes


Thermal and acoustic insulation shall provide appropriate performance, and be suitable for the intended location and use.

Materials and constructions which are in accordance with building regulations are generally acceptable.

Suitable sound insulation materials include:

  • flexible material
  • mineral fibre quilt insulation
  • board material for use under screeds (e.g. impact sound duty (ISD) grade pre compressed expanded polystyrene)
  • proprietary products which have been assessed in accordance with Technical Requirement R3.

Table 1: Thermal insulation materials

MaterialStandardGrade or description
EPS (expanded polystyrene)BS EN 1316370
PUR (rigid polyurethane)BS 4841For use under screeds
PIR (rigid polyisocyanurate)
Fibre building boardBS EN 622Insulating board (softboard)
Proprietary material Technical Requirement R3