External timber framed walls

6.2.14Wall ties and fixings

Wall ties and fixings shall adequately connect the cladding to the timber frame.

Wall ties and their fixings should be:

  • compliant with BS EN 845-1
  • in accordance with the design
  • capable of accommodating differential movement
  • of the type specified in the design
  • of austenitic stainless steel
  • fixed to the studs and not the sheathing
  • kept clean and free from mortar droppings
  • spaced at a maximum of 600mm horizontally and 450mm vertically
  • spaced at jambs of openings and at movement joints at a maximum of 300mm vertically and within 225mm of the masonry reveal or movement joint; additional studs may be needed.
  • spaced within 225mm of the top of the wall, including at gables
  • inclined away from the sheathing so that the slope is maintained following differential movement.