Finishes shall be to a satisfactory standard. Issues to be taken into account include:

  1. decorative finishes
  2. appearance.

Decorative finishes

The choice of decorative finish should take account of :

  • the exposure zone
  • background movement potential.

Scraped or textured finishes can reduce the risk of crazing and can break up the drainage path of rain-water as it runs down the face of the wall.

Wet dash and dry dash finishes should have an aggregate size generally between 6mm and 14mm. Dry dash should be applied to the final coat before it has fully cured.


Render on external walls should be reasonably consistent in texture, finish, colour and line. Clause 9.1.2b provides further guidance on tolerances to render finishes.

Consideration should be given to detailing that will avoid obvious staining (e.g. the positioning of discharge pipes).

Completed render should be protected from damage that could be caused by construction activities.

Render may not be resistant to staining and may require periodic maintenance such as cleaning.