Internal walls

6.3.10Construction of steel framed partitions

Non load-bearing steel framed walls shall be suitably constructed.

Noggings or straps should be provided as required to support fittings, such as radiators, wall-mounted boilers, sanitary fittings, kitchen units, etc. Non load-bearing partitions should not be wedged against floor joists, ceiling joists or roof trusses. Allowance should be made for the floor joists, ceiling joists or roof trusses to deflect so that the partition does not become load-bearing. They should be:

  • constructed in accordance with the design
  • correctly positioned, square and plumb
  • supported on a structural floor, but not a floating floor that incorporates a compressible layer, unless specifically designed for that purpose
  • fixed to the floor at the head, to each other and to abutting walls
  • provided with extra studs at openings where required
  • finished in accordance with Chapter 9.2 ‘Wall and ceiling finishes’.