External timber framed walls

6.2.2Provision of information

Designs and specifications shall be produced in a clearly understandable format, include all relevant information and be distributed to all appropriate personnel.

Clear and fully detailed drawings should be available on site to enable work to be carried out in accordance with the design. Design and specification information should be issued to site supervisors, relevant specialist subcontractors and suppliers, and include the following:

  • A full set of drawings
  • Materials specification
  • The position and materials for cavity barriers in accordance with relevant building regulations
  • Fixing schedules
  • Nailing details
  • Manufacturer’s recommendations relating to proprietary items.

The fixing schedule should detail every connection which is to be made on site, including those for structural connections, framing, wall ties, breather membranes, sheathing and vapour control layers, and should show as appropriate:

  • number and spacing of fixings
  • size and type of fixing, including material and corrosion protection
  • method of fixing, e.g. skew nailing.

Where wall design relies on plasterboard to take racking forces, the design should:

  • clearly define those walls
  • include the type and spacing of fixings required.