External masonry walls

6.1.10Stone masonry

Stone masonry shall be constructed to an acceptable standard, including the performance standards for brick and block where applicable. Walls shall be capable of supporting the intended loads and have appropriate resistance to the adverse effects of freeze/thaw.

Stone masonry should comply with the following:

Stone for masonryBS EN 771-6 ‘Specification for masonry units. Natural stone masonry units’.
Cast stone masonry unitsBS EN 771-5 ‘Specification for masonry units. Manufactured stone masonry units’.
or BS 1217 ‘Cast stone. Specification’.
Stone masonry, natural or cast BS EN 1996 ‘Design of masonry structures’.

Stone masonry will be acceptable where it:

  • provides an adequate weather-resisting structure in conjunction with any brick or block backing, and/or vertical DPMs
  • complies with the guidance in this chapter for brickwork/blockwork
  • follows good local recognised practice to provide a high standard.