Timber preservation (natural solid timber)

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Timber preservative treatments and processes shall comply with the Technical Requirements and reasonably ensure that the timber is safely and satisfactorily protected against fungal decay and insect attack.

Timber preservative treatments that comply with the guidance in this chapter will generally be acceptable. Timber and external joinery should either be:

  • naturally durable and resistant to insect attack, or
  • treated with preservative in accordance with this chapter.

It is important that treatment of timber and joinery is carried out to appropriate standards which are both suitable and safe. Treatments in accordance with procedures set out in British Standards, Codes of Practice, or which have been satisfactorily assessed by an independent authority in accordance with Technical Requirement R3, will generally be acceptable. The specification should state the specific treatment and standard required.

All preservatives should meet the requirements of the Control of Pesticides Regulations (1986) administered by the Health and Safety Executive. The safety instructions published by the manufacturers should be followed.