Light steel framing

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LSF structures shall comply with the Technical Requirements.

LSF structures (i.e. walls, roofs and floors) that comply with the guidance in this chapter will generally be acceptable.

LSF structures may be:

  • „structurally independent (primary) and used to form whole buildings, additional storeys, annexes, extensions, penthouses, etc.
  • infill walls (secondary), or
  • bespoke facades (where support may be required from other structural elements).

Construction should be ‘warm frame’ or ‘hybrid’ construction, with sufficient insulation outside the steel envelope to ensure that condensation does not occur within the depth of the light steel members.

Stud partitions are considered in Chapter 6.3 ‘Internal walls’. LSF systems that do not comply with the principles of this chapter should be assessed in accordance with Technical Requirement R3.

Where the components of the LSF cannot be inspected on site (e.g. closed panels or fully fitted-out volumetric units), the system should be subject to review by NHBC. Please refer to the MMC Hub at