Finishes and fitments

9.4.3General provisions – cupboards and fitments

The builder shall provide fixed and built-in fitments in accordance with the specification.

In kitchens, the specification should allow for:

  • preparation and cooking of food
  • washing up, drying and storage of dishes and utensils
  • storage of dry foods
  • storage of perishable foods
  • laundering
  • storage of domestic cleaning appliances (part of which should be suitable for brooms, upright cleaners and similar equipment)
  • 1m circulation space in front of all work surfaces, cupboards and appliances.

A depth of 600mm can be assumed for appliances (where intended but not provided).

Space or facilities for laundering and cleaning items may be provided outside the kitchen area.

Space should be provided for general storage, clothes, linen and bedding. Airing cupboards are required in homes which do not have central or whole home heating.

Kitchen units should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring that they are adequately fixed to a suitable substrate.

Shelving supports should be fixed securely and so that shelves are level.