A consistent approach to finishes

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Finishes shall comply with the Technical Requirements.

Finishes that comply with the guidance in this chapter will generally be acceptable.

This guidance:

  • is intended to apply when the home is substantially complete and ready for NHBC pre-handover inspection
  • will be used by NHBC both during the construction process and when conducting resolutions under section 2 of the Buildmark insurance cover
  • should be considered in conjunction with relevant performance standards and guidance contained elsewhere within NHBC Standards
  • uses tolerances and finishes considered to be appropriate for the house-building industry and takes precedence over other recommendations
  • is not intended to deal with every situation which may arise, and discretion should be exercised.

Some elements may be subject to the effects of normal thermal or drying movement, and this may occur both before and after completion.

Some materials are not uniform and are not intended to be; this includes reclaimed materials. Some colour and texture variation is inevitable; this is often used as an aesthetic feature and should be recognised in appropriate tolerances or considered separately. Acceptability of finished appearances will be in the opinion of NHBC.

The nature and extent of work necessary to remedy minor variations from the tolerances and finishes given should be proportionate and appropriate to the circumstances: for example, how readily visible or extensive the affected part of the construction is.