The provision of any service or appliance within a garage shall be in accordance with relevant regulations. Issues to be taken into account include:

  1. protection of water services against frost
  2. provision of electricity
  3. risk of fire or explosion.

Where services or appliances are provided in garages, they should comply with the guidance below and with the following chapters, as appropriate:

  • 5.3 ‘Drainage below ground’
  • 8.1 ‘Internal services’.

Protection of water services against frost

A rising main should not be located within a garage.

A water supply or outlet in a garage should have adequate provision for isolating and draining down.

Pipes should be insulated and located so as to minimise the risk of freezing.

Provision of electricity

The provision of electric lighting and socket outlets in a garage is at the discretion of the builder.

All electrical installations should comply with BS 7671 ‘Requirements for Electrical Installations. IET Wiring Regulations’.

Risk of fire or explosion

Installation in a garage of an oil or gas burning boiler or heating appliance should be in accordance with any relevant statutory regulations.