Internal walls

6.3.8Partitions: internal non load-bearing

Non load-bearing partitions shall have adequate strength and support.

The following constructions are acceptable:

  • Masonry partitions
  • Timber partitions using 63mm x 38mm studs, sills and headplates with compatible spacing and plasterboard thickness
  • Steel partitions using studs, and head and base rails, from a minimum section of 43mm x 32mm x 0.45mm
  • Proprietary partitions in accordance with Technical Requirement R3.

Walls and partitions should:

  • be appropriately supported
  • not be supported by a floating floor which incorporates a compressible layer, unless the material is specifically manufactured for that purpose.

Masonry partitions should be supported on:

  • foundations
  • other masonry partitions or walls
  • concrete floors
  • steel or concrete beams, which may require padstones.

Masonry partitions should not be supported by timber joists or beams.

Where stud partitions or proprietary plasterboard partitions are supported by a timber floor, extra noggings or joists should be specified unless it can be shown that the deck can transfer the load without undue movement.