6.11.2Provision of information

Designs and specifications shall be produced in a clearly understandable format, include all relevant information and be distributed to all appropriate personnel.

Design and specifications should be issued to site supervisors, relevant specialist subcontractors and/or suppliers and, where relevant, include the following:

  • A full set of drawings indicating areas to be rendered, and construction details, e.g. the position of movement joints and how interfaces are formed.
  • The render manufacturer’s technical information, including parts of the system design manual or installation guidance relevant to the specific site and construction type.
  • Mix proportions for site-made render.
  • Details of the substrate and background.
  • Details of any technical assessments (i.e. third-party certifications).
  • Details of interfaces and abutments, such as joints, junctions and service penetrations.
  • Ancillaries that form part of a rendering system.

Table 1: Process chart for the application of site - and factory-made render to masonry backgrounds