6.6.13Concrete staircases

Staircases made from concrete shall be suitable for their intended purpose and be of suitable quality.

Concrete staircases should be designed and manufactured in accordance with BS EN 1992-1-1.

Precast construction

Precast staircases should comply with BS EN 14843, and account should be taken of:

  • accurate location and levelling of units
  • load paths.

In-situ construction

Guidance for in-situ concrete can be found in Chapter 3.1 ‘Concrete and its reinforcement’.
Shuttering for concrete elements or connections should be constructed to ensure a consistent rise and going. Chairs or spacing blocks should be used to provide cover to reinforcement in accordance with Chapter 3.1. Formwork should be struck in accordance with the design information.

Design information on the spacing of bolt fixings for balustrades or handrails should be followed. Balustrading for concrete staircases should be:

  • grouted into the preformed holes or pockets
  • bolted to brackets cast into the concrete.

Care should be taken when using expanding fixings near the edges of concrete.