Fireplaces, chimneys and flues

6.8.17Oil – outlets and terminals

Outlets and terminals shall be adequately separated from combustible material and other parts of the home.

Balanced flue terminals should be positioned to allow free intake of air to the appliance.

Where terminals are of masonry construction, they should be in accordance with the requirements for solid fuel appliances (see Clause 6.8.7b), otherwise they should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Table 8: Minimum separation distances for oil terminals


1 Terminals should only be positioned on walls where appliances have been approved for such configurations when tested in accordance with BS EN 303-1 or OFTEC standards OFS A100 or OFS A101.
2 An opening means an openable element, such as an openable window, or a permanently open air vent.
3 Not withstanding the dimensions above, a terminal should be at least 300mm from 3 combustible material, e.g. a window frame.
4 To provide protection to combustible material, fit a heat shield at least 4 750mm wide.
5 Where a terminal is used with a vaporising burner, the terminal should be at least 2.3m horizontally from the roof.
6 Outlets for vertical balanced flues in locations M, N and O should be in accordance with 6 manufacturer’s instructions.