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8.1.10Space heating systems

Where space heating is provided, it shall be in accordance with the relevant codes and standards, and ensure safe operation.

Where appropriate, space heating systems should comply with the following:

BS 5410‘Code of practice for oil firing’.
BS EN 14336Heating systems in buildings. Installation and commissioning of water based heating systems.
BS 8303‘Installation of domestic heating and cooking appliances burning solid mineral fuels’.
BS EN 12828‘Heating systems in buildings. Design for water-based heating systems’.
BSRIA guide BG 4/2011‘Underfloor heating and cooling’.

Space heating appliances, including all components and controls, should be of a type approved by the relevant authority, including:

  • Solid fuel – Solid Fuel Association, Heating Equipment Testing & Approval Scheme
  • Electricity – British Electrotechnical Approvals Board
  • Oil – OFTEC.

The provision of whole home or central heating is discretionary. Where provided, it should be designed in accordance with Table 7, recognised standards, and:

  • the number of air changes per hour from kitchens and bathrooms should account for any mechanical ventilation
  • where rooms contain open flued appliances, the rate of air change used for the design should be increased in accordance with BS EN 12828
  • design temperatures should be verified by calculations and not by performance tests
  • the main living room should have a heating appliance or a heat output as part of a whole home heating system
  • temperature calculations should be based on a -3°C external temperature.

Table 7: Room temperatures and ventilation rates

RoomRoom temperature °CVentilation rate (air changes per hour)
Living room211.5
Dining room211.5
Hall and landing181.5