Substructure and ground-bearing floors

5.1.11Regulatory solutions

Use of recycled or secondary materials shall comply with the relevant waste regulatory requirements.

Table 1: Regulatory solution for fill, including recycled and secondary materials

LocationMaterials used on:Regulatory solution
England and WalesSite of originCL:AIRE Code of Practice.
Other sites and less than 5000tRegistration under a U1 exemption with the EA is required at the receiving site.
Other sites and over 5000tEnsure that the supplier has followed the WRAP protocol.
Northern Ireland and ScotlandAny siteRegistration under a paragraph 19 exemption with the SEPA/NIEA is required at the receiving site.


EA: Environment Agency
CL:AIRE: Contaminated Land: Applications in Real Environments.
NIEA: Northern Ireland Environment Agency
SEPA: Scottish Environment Protection Agency