Low or zero carbon technologies

8.2.4System design

LZC technologies shall be designed to ensure satisfactory performance. Issues to be taken into account include:

  1. location
  2. acoustics
  3. systems
  4. compatibility
  5. performance.

LZC technologies should be designed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, certification scheme requirements and appropriate standards.


The design and location of LZC technologies should take account of factors such as orientation, roof pitch and shading.

For stand-alone wind turbine systems, suitable exclusion zones should be provided in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and geographical location.


Design and location should take account of:

  • internal and external noise
  • vibration
  • the effect on neighbouring properties, particularly the positioning of the LZC technology in relation to openings.


Each system should generally be supplied from one manufacturer as a package and not as individual components or materials. However, where components from more than one manufacturer are used, they should be compatible to ensure satisfactory performance.


LZC technologies should be installed so as not to adversely affect the performance of the building to which they are fixed, and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Multiple systems should be compatible with each other.


LZC technologies designed to contribute towards space and water heating should be designed in accordance with the performance requirements in Chapter 8.1 ‘Internal services’.