A consistent approach to finishes

9.1.11External works

External works (including drives, paths, decks, terraces and balconies) shall have appropriate finishes.

Drives, paths, decks, terraces and balconies should be:

  • within a maximum ±10mm deviation measured using a 2m straight edge with equal offsets; however, localised falls into gulleys and channels are acceptable
  • designed and constructed minimise the potential for standing water.

One hour after rain has stopped, areas of temporary standing water should not be deeper than 5mm or exceed 1m².
Temporary standing water is not permitted adjacent to entrance doors.

Also note:

  • Displacement and variations in surface levels, including scuffing and pitting, may arise due to settlement, natural ground movement and traffic.

Drainage covers should:

  • align with the adjacent ground or surface finish (for channels, the cover should be set below the adjacent ground)
  • the difference in height between a cover and the adjacent hard surfaces should allow for future settlement.