Low or zero carbon technologies

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LZC technologies shall be fixed using durable materials.

Fixings should comply with the types listed in Table 2.

Table 2: Materials suitable for fixings

Fixing materialGuidance
Phosphor bronzeNA
Silicon bronzeNA
Stainless steelBS EN ISO 3506
Mild steelCoatings to BS EN ISO 2081, BS EN ISO 2082, BS EN 1461, or other appropriate treatment in accordance with BS EN ISO 12944 or BS EN ISO 14713.
Aluminium alloyBS EN 573 and BS EN 755
Stainless steelBS EN 10088
Mild steelBS EN 10346
Other materialsAssessed in accordance with Technical Requirement R3.

Materials that comply with recognised standards, which provide equal or better performance to those above, are also acceptable.

The type, size, number, position and fitting tolerance of fixings should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Issues that should be taken into account include:

  • the provision of suitable locking nuts and washers
  • the isolation of dissimilar metals
  • the isolation of aluminium from cementitious material.