Pitched roofs

7.2.18Roof coverings

Roof coverings shall be of a suitable quality and durability to protect the building from weather.

When covering a pitched roof:

  • coverings should be in accordance with the design and established building practices
  • recovered materials may be used where prior approval by NHBC has been granted (independent certification of suitability may be required).

Table 10: Standards relevant to roof coverings

Clay tiles and fittingsBS EN 1304
Concrete tiles and fittingsBS EN 490 and BS EN 491
Dry fixed systemsBS 8612
Natural slatesBS EN 12326
Fibre cement slates and fittingsBS EN 492
Natural stoneEstablished practices
Lead sheet roofingBS 6915
Rolled lead sheetBS EN 12588
ThatchStandards set by the Thatching Advisory Services or other appropriate authority, in accordance with Technical Requirement R3
Shingles should be of western red cedarGrade 1 to the Canadian Standards Association
Sheet metal roofing, including lead, copper and zincTechnical Requirement R3
Proprietary roofs, roof lights and coveringsTechnical Requirement R3
Other roof coveringsCP 143

Where slates and concrete or clay tiles are designated AA to BS 476-3, they can be used without limitation on pitched roofs

Table 11: Acceptable characteristics for natural slates

CharacteristicsGrade (to BS EN 12326)
Water absorption less than 0.6%A1
Thermal cycleT1
Carbonate content less than 20%S1