Flat roofs, terraces and balconies

7.1.3Flat roof, terrace and balcony general design

The flat roof, terrace and balcony construction should suit the design and intended use.

The design of the flat roof, terrace (including podiums), or balcony, should adopt one or more of the following forms of construction.


The suitability of any combination of deck, insulation, blue roof attenuation, and roof toppings, will depend on the structural loadings and the capability of the deck and insulation to safely support those loads in accordance with the Structural Engineer’s design.

Individual Elements

Warm roof

Cold roof

Inverted warm roof

Roof toppings

Green Roofs

Paved Roof

Roof, terrace, and balcony constructions using the individual elements

Uninsulated decks

Warm roof construction

Inverted warm roof construction

Cold roof construction

Blue roof make up