Flat roofs, terraces and balconies

7.1.14Raised Podium

Podiums shall be protected by adequate weatherproofing and drainage.

A Raised podium is a terrace over a non-habitable area where thermal insulation is generally not required. The waterproofing layer may, or may not, link with any structural waterproofing to the supporting structure below (see Chapter 5.4) but must link with damp proofing in any abutting walls. The construction of podiums at, or below, ground level (buried podiums) are covered under Chapter 5.4.

The make-up of the waterproofing layer and topping should follow the guidance given for the individual waterproofing layers and toppings quoted within this chapter and to suit the type of deck that has been used to form the podium.

Consideration must be given to emergency vehicular traffic at the planning stage and, where necessary, waterproofing and structural designs must be capable of accommodating foreseeable loading.

Raised podium

Buried podium

See Chapter 5.4 ‘Waterproofing of basements and other below ground structures’.