6.11.3Weather conditions

Rendering shall only be carried out in suitable weather conditions, unless appropriate precautions are taken.

Consideration should be given to likely weather conditions and, where required, measures taken to allow render to cure satisfactorily.

When applying render in wet conditions:

  • the background should not be saturated
  • downpipes or temporary downpipes should be used to prevent the background or completed render from becoming saturated
  • curing render should be protected from heavy rainfall
  • specialist preparation coats should be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

When applying render in hot conditions the following precautions should be considered:

  • avoid curing render from being directly exposed to strong sunlight
  • lightly spray the render with clean water to prevent rapid drying.

When applying render in cold conditions:

  • the air temperature should be at least 2°C and rising
  • the background should be free from visual signs of frost
  • the background should not be saturated.

Where the air temperature is at, below or likely to fall below 5°C, appropriate precautions such as covering with a hessian sheet should be used to protect curing render.

Factory-made render should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations for weather conditions.

Acrylic renders have different curing requirements which should be taken into account.