1.2What’s changed

Major technical changes

The following major technical changes have been made to this edition of the Standards:

  • Chapter 6.1 “External masonry walls” has been revised
  • Chapter 7.1 “Flat roofs, terraces and balconies” has been renamed and revised
  • Chapter 10.2 “Drives, paths and landscaping” has been revised.

Minor technical changes

  • Chapter 2.1 R3 Materials requirement - note referencing MMC removed
  • Chapter 6.3.7 – revised sound insulation requirements for rooms containing a WC and new guidance for the sound insulation of soil pipes in floor voids and SVPs
  • Chapter 6.8.23 – damp penetration and waterproofing now makes reference to DPC tray
  • Chapter 6.4.10 table 3 support of joist – reduction in end support requirement
  • Chapter 6.10.7 - clarification of protection against corrosion
  • Chapter 7.2.6 – added requirement for proprietary straps to meet the requirements of R3 and installed in accordance with manufacturers recommendations
  • Chapter 7.2.9 – bracing drawings amended for clarity
  • Chapter 7.2.20 – changed the code references to the colour codes which are used within BS EN 12588.

We have taken the opportunity to make a number of editorial changes throughout the document. This includes updating references to British Standards

3D models

3D models can be accessed directly within Standards Plus, the online version of the Standards, by clicking on the embedded icons. They can also be viewed on the NHBC 3D Viewer app, which hosts a library of the 3D models to view on iOS and Android devices.